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The Sculptor

The Dwarven lands of Arda are dotted with sculptures, from small busts to the huge statues that decorate Thorin’s Hall and Khazad-dûm.  The sculptor makes it happen.  Half mason, half artist, he renders from stone faithful likenesses of great Dwarves of yore.  In his most vainglorious moments, he wonders if Mahal the Maker (the Dwarvish name for Aulë the Smith, who created Dwarf-kind) felt much the same way when he shaped his special children.

I really like the “Isengard Prisoner” cosmetics from Volume III, Book 4 (see Cosmetic Lotro’s Escape from Isengard outfit as a nifty example of these pieces in use), but I rarely like using items for their original intent.  This outfit uses several of the pieces to show a laborer, a craftsman so involved in his work that he hardly cares that his leggings are ripped and the wrappings at his hands and legs are faded.  All he cares about is his art and his stone.

The choice of materials is crucial.

A wise craftsman spends much time contemplating the work of those who have gone before.

Where DID I leave that chisel?

  • Head:  Isengard Prisoner Bandanna (Vol. III quest reward)
  • Shoulders:  Unnar’s Shoulder Guards (low-level quest reward)
  • Back:  Cloak of the Grey Company (Vol. III quest reward, dyed navy)
  • Chest:  Westernesse Quilted Shirt of Fleetness (Random drop in the Misty Mountains, dyed navy)
  • Hands:  Isengard Prisoner Gloves (Vol. III quest reward)
  • Legs:  Isengard Prisoner Leggings (Vol. III quest reward, dyed navy)
  • Feet:  Embroidered Shoes of the Dunland Healer (Dunland quest reward)

Seen on the Streets: Findolin the Shadow-hunter

Character:  Findolin
Class:  Warden

Findolin Daefaron is a Silvan elf of Eryn Galen, now called Mirkwood in its darkest years.  He has fought ceaselessly against the foul creatures that plague the forest, remaining when many of his kind have instead fled for their peaceful Western isle.  Findolin’s colors are those of Shadow Hunters like himself.

I saw Findolin standing in the AH and was struck by the elegant simplicity of the outfit, as well as the combination of a few blue hues and black.  Once he explained his in-character concept, I could see how the colors I admired fit well with the concept of fighting from the shadows of his murky home forests.

They make them dreamy in Mirkwood!

So! Many! Questions! from! the! blogger!

A Shadow Hunter of Mirkwood in his formal attire.

As always, if you have any questions or comments for Findolin, feel free to post them below!

Troublesome Items II: Clanweave Robe

Oh, how happy I was to read that the Rise of Isengard cosmetics included some new and exciting separates.  I was thrilled!  And several of those pieces are fantastic.  That said…then there’s the Clanweave Robe.

Ohh, Clanweave Robe.  How wide-hipped you make my female characters look.  How disproportionate, how stubby.  What an awkward length you are!  How annoyed you make me!

I’ve seen a couple of people do neat things with it.  Freyjuska of LOTRO Fashion did a marvelous job with her Lady of Rhûn outfit.  She managed to make a stumpy, wide legpiece elegant.  And here’s my offering:

I’m a little teapot…

Hark! That lady over there gets to wear PANTS!

I went with an olive-and-violet color scheme to take advantage of the skirt’s hem detail, as well as the brown and violet hues in the chestpiece.  Violet shoes help to make the skirt seem a little longer.

So what’s YOUR solution?  Have you come up with an outfit for the Clanweave Robe (and other items of identical appearance bearing different Dunland names) that pleases you?  Share!

The Weary Soldier

On this Memorial Day (and every Memorial Day), I thank my father, my uncle, my cousins, and many dear friends for their service and sacrifices.  You are remembered.


Certhwin is a warrior of the Riddermark, a young man aged past his time by the troubles besetting his land.  He will always answer when the muster comes.

Certhwin’s outfit is a simple one, and available to any character under 55 (with the Rise of Isengard pre-order items, though those gauntlets and gloves can easily be replaced with other pieces).  I’m always interested in seeing the classic hauberks used in current outfits, given that my usual tendency is to cling to the Dunland cosmetics.

I didn’t want anything grand here; Certhwin is, like so many others, a young man far from home – a simple soldier, a warrior who follows orders and fights against terrible odds.

A toast at the fire, to those lost in battle.

He will always be certain his sword is sharp and his reflexes ready.

Today he lives. Tomorrow, he may not. Tonight, a fitful rest.

  • Head:  None
  • Shoulders:  Shining Leather Shoulder Pads (Low-level random drop, dyed Rivendell green)
  • Back:  Rugged Rock-climber’s Hooded Cloak (Craftable tailoring recipe, dyed Rivendell green)
  • Chest:  Cavalry Hauberk (Available at outfitters throughout the lands, dyed Rivendell green)
  • Hands:  Gloves of the Eorlingas (Rise of Isengard pre-order item)
  • Legs: None
  • Feet:  Boots of the Eorlingas (Rise of Isengard pre-order item)

Seen on the Streets: Faynir the Ranger

Character:  Faynir
Class:  Hunter
Kinship:  Dunarandir

This is a special “Seen on the Streets” — Landroval player (and roleplayer) Enorra suggested her friend and in-character husband Faynir for a surprise post about his cosmetic looks.  She praised Faynir’s efforts, which even include the use of rp weapons to complement his attire.  After a moment or two of stalking (“she’s looking at your outfits from INSIDE THE HOUSE”), I agreed: he has a number of Ranger-appropriate, dark, sleek looks that really encapsulate that aura of mystery and strength.

Screenshots are courtesy of Enorra.  To Faynir:  Surpriiiiise!

I think Faynir has done a great job with all of his outfits. They’re monochromatic, dark or dun colors, they’re imposing without sticking out — well done!

Enorra and Faynir in town.

It’s a dark screenshot, but I love the rain and the idea of the Ranger (and his lady, who I had to crop out, sorrrrrry!) riding through the sloggy, muddy wilderness.  And I never really noticed the dagger in those gauntlets before; great detail.

If you have any questions about individual pieces, please leave a comment, and I’ll track down Enorra (or perhaps the Ranger himself!) to point you in the right direction.

Dress It Up: Dragonfly Cloak

Here are the basic “Dress It Up” rules:  Dress it up however you like, on either gender, any race, in any fashion, and leave a comment with a link to your outfit, whether it’s on your own blog or in one of the many photo hosting sites.

This week’s candidate is a lovely LOTRO Store offering:  the Cloak of the Dragonfly.  When washed or dyed white, it’s a cream that slowly darkens to light brown at the cloak’s lower hem.  Dragonfly wings shaded cream, bright green, sea blue, and indigo take up much of the design.  The wings do not dye; only the surrounding material changes color.  It’s an intricate, detailed cloak, and I’d love to see what you folks do with it.

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A Warm-hued Huntress

Sometimes it all starts with one item.  I was rifling through my wardrobe (“Where the #@#$ am I going to put this spring stuff, it’s so PRETTY, I have no ROOM…”) and chanced upon this:  Twisttongue’s Cloak.  It’s a Moria quest reward in a deep, luscious chocolate brown that no currently available dye can replicate.

From there, a warm-hued outfit seemed to suggest itself, using rust and brown and crimson.  The character modeling the outfit is roleplayed as being Eglain, and her Prized Eglan-horse suits both her and the outfit well.  I don’t usually attempt to match with mounts (I’m still figuring out the clothing bits!), but sometimes it just clicks.

A hunter at work.

After the twentieth spider, Raima sort of lost patience.

Raima’s horse needs a name! Raima is a healer and hunter, an Eglain, and a mystic of sorts who has traveled far beyond her people’s traditional scavenging grounds. Any ideas?

  • Head:  Traveller’s Hood (LOTRO Store purchase, dyed crimson)
  • Shoulders:  Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer (Dunland quest reward, dyed umber)
  • Back:  Twisttongue’s Cloak (Moria quest reward, undyed)
  • Chest:  Hill-man’s Cracked Leather Jacket (Dunland quest reward, dyed rust)
  • Hands:  Extravagant Festival Gloves (Yule quest/deed reward, dyed umber)
  • Legs:  None
  • Feet:  Hill-man’s Cracked Leather Boots (Dunland quest reward, dyed umber)