Seen on the Streets: Ardric, a lord of the Riddermark

I am far more interested in other people’s cosmetic choices than my own, so here’s where I start putting the spotlight on other awesome Landroval players!


Character:  Ardric
Class:  Champion
Kin:  Dirnaith
Player:  Llonwyn

Ardric is played by a dear friend and fantastic roleplayer.  We’re both huge fans of Rohan, and both of us are thrilled that the region is beginning to show up in-game.

Ardric, son of Herebeald, is a nobleman of an Eastenmet steading.  Proud, capable, and action-oriented, he requires armor that both protects him well and inspires his men to follow him in battle.  Check out the player’s in-character writings about Ardric; he’s a great epic character.

On to the clothes!

…and look, the stubborn warrior has his eyes closed.  I’m enjoying the process of learning to take better screenshots.  It will also be great fun to rp “fashion photographer.”  Work it, Eorling!  That’s it!  Smoulder!

Ardric is a great example of using a known set of items (in his case, the Rise of Isengard pre-order shoulders, circlet and gauntlets) in an interesting way.  I wish the game’s artists had made it so items wouldn’t poke through other items in odd, spiky bits of pixels, but ’tis what it is, for now.

And here he is in warlord guise, impressive as all get-out.  Would you cross this man?  No you would not!

Thank you, Ardric!  And if anyone has questions about where/how to get individual pieces, please leave a comment.


5 thoughts on “Seen on the Streets: Ardric, a lord of the Riddermark

  1. Which Helm is that? I’ve been looking for more of a chain-mail look for my captain [though I play on Vilya, so I can’t join the raindeer games here :(]


    • Sure you can; I’d just call you a Vilya guest post. Everyone wants to hang out with the Great Eagles. 😉

      Checking with the player; you’ll have a reply soon!

      • Polished Helmet of the Dunland Shieldman. I’m relatively certain there’s another that uses the same model. Either way, it’s a Dunland quest reward. I love that thing.

  2. Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep an eye out as I level my Guard and Champ through the zone. I’m not by any means a fashion maven, but I’ve found myself more interested in the cosmetic system since a post on CSTM about the outfitters.

    Here’s a link to the look I came up with for my LM (currently my only level-capped character):

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