Seen on the Streets: Ian Fairfield

Character:  Ian (Iander) Fairfield
Class:  Minstrel
Kin:  The Broken Cask
Player:  Woodsong

Ian is an entertainer, a scholar, a friend to everyone he meets, and owner of the sweetest pet rabbit in Bree-land, Sir Flopsy.  As played by Woodsong, Ian is a gentle soul who has been bruised in the past, but meets each day with a colorful, dramatic verve.  According to Ian’s player, the character prefers his chosen colors, “because both the warm and cool blues show up in his favorite flowers, which are irises…but if HE were asked, he might say because he couldn’t NOT like purple.”

Is that man over there wearing the same thing I am…just not as well? DIE.

I was born to dance!

The wide-brimmed hat saves my skin from unsightly freckles. It’s a win-win.

Did you hear the one about the badger, the miner’s hat, and Bill the Pony? Hilarious!

Since I’m showing several outfits, please leave a comment if you’d like to know a specific piece.  Thank you, Ian, for being my fashion model of the day!


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