Dress It Up: Bree-land Leather Armour (and variants)

On this model, it’s called the Recruit’s Medium Shirt of Adlan.  This low-level chest-piece model is also available as the level 14-20 tailor-craftable Leather, Bree-land Tough Leather, Bree-land Heavy Leather, and Bree-land Superb Armour models, though those are all long-sleeved.

Anyway, the basic pattern is out there, it’s easy to get, and I want to know what YOU would do with it.

If you’re on Landroval and want one of these leather armour pieces crafted, send in-game mail to Luned, Gisala, or Nidhil.  I’ll send you one of the long-sleeved versions, for keepsies.  Dress it up however you like, on either gender, any race, in any fashion, and leave a comment with a link to your outfit, whether it’s on your own blog or in one of the many photo hosting sites.

Next Sunday, I’ll pick a different, easily attainable item for our next “Dress It Up.

Aw, yeah. Who wants an invitation to the gun show?

This bicep is locked AND loaded.

No, come back! I didn’t even show you the LEFT one!

Have fun!  Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Dress It Up: Bree-land Leather Armour (and variants)

  1. Really cool idea. I’m looking forward to seeing what folks come up with!

    I like these different post formats you’re doing, like the “seen around” and this “dress it up”. Very unique!

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