Seen on the Streets: Zorinzil, a Woman of Angmar

Character:  Zorinzil
Class:  Guardian
Player:  Ellis

Zorinzil is a woman of Angmar, the daughter of a Black Numenorean and a woman of Harad.  I think this is a fantastic outfit, and all the better because every piece is either a quest reward or a random drop.  All the pieces are dyed red or crimson, which gives the outfit a bit of tonal variety that I’m going to keep in mind next time I make something for myself!  Ellis‘s attempts with this outfit were twofold:  first, to match the attire of the Angmarim scholars in-game; and within those bounds, to create something that looked like it would protect her character well.

I don’t CARE if you’re the champion of the Clucath! I will turn this siege engine AROUND.

Put those level 45 class quest items under, I don’t know. A bunch of goblins. Some rocks. A few giant turtles.

I crush you, puny fashion blogger!

Some of the items Ellis used in this great outfit are the Hat of the Concerned Elf, the
Ancient Inlaid Breastplate, Munce’s Gauntlets, Noriel’s Folly (shoulders), and the Reclaimed Nobleman’s Shoes.  If you have further questions, please leave a comment!

Thank you, Ellis!


3 thoughts on “Seen on the Streets: Zorinzil, a Woman of Angmar

  1. “I will crush you, you puny fashion blogger!” amazing 😀 perfect outfit, very contrasting combination and I can imagine Angmarim warrior wearing this to heavy battles.

  2. I love the darker side of LOTRO! This outfit certainly suits a Lady with all the charm of a porcupine!

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