The Explorer

Character:  Gisala
Class:  Burglar

I don’t usually build an outfit around one particular item.  I tend to think character first:  is the person a high-style sort?  Grubby?  A warrior, a lady, a simple laborer?   This time, I saw a leg item (Tavol-socas) on the Auction House, had a miniature fugue state in which all I heard was MINE MINE MINE, and went from there.

Consider this a jaunty explorer, a well-shod woman in black and red and white who may not realize how dingy that white is going to get after a few days’ travel.  More curiosity than sense, maybe.  But she’s at least prepared with a Campaign Backpack and sturdy shoes.  Where to next?

Crap. Is that my horse?

The Road goes ever on and on…

Those of you who know Gisala know that she would never make this expression in-character. Ever. SPRING BREAK 3018!!!

  • Head:  None!
  • Shoulders:  Cotton Shoulder Guards (dyed red)
  • Back:  Campaign Backpack (LOTRO Store purchase)
  • Chest:  Crawler-hide Coat (Vol. 1, Book 5 quest reward, dyed black)
  • Hands:  Dwarf Leather Gloves (dyed black)
  • Legs:  Tavol-socas (BoE Isengard instance drop, dyed black)
  • Feet:  Vibrant Brushed Skirmish Boots (Craftable, dyed umber)

3 thoughts on “The Explorer

    • Thank you! And I am totally ready to go steady with all those BoE Isengard instance items. I really hope that’s the quality direction that the game keeps going toward in Rohan.

  1. “Is that my horse?” The road does seem to go on forever when you have no ride!
    Like the pairing of the legs with the crawler-hide coat, and the way the red accents match on everything!

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