Dress It Up: Fine Shirt and Pants

Here are the basic “Dress It Up” rules:  Dress it up however you like, on either gender, any race, in any fashion, and leave a comment with a link to your outfit, whether it’s on your own blog or in one of the many photo hosting sites.

Thank you, Glyngaris, for participating last week!  I love me some sea blue.

This week’s item is cheap and easy:  the Fine Shirt and Pants, available from Bree outfitter Dot Leafbottom for the bargain price of 8s12c.  This is a tricksy one!  There’s a lot of detail, a lot of look, and the chest, legs, and shoes are included.  So this basically becomes a “what wonky thing can you do with dyes, race/gender choices, shoulders and a cloak” challenge.

I am wearing a variant on a powder-blue pantsuit. I am this close to breaking into “Disco Inferno.”

Maybe this would look better on a Hobbit. Or a Dwarf with some flair. My cravat bounces around when I walk. Eugh!

Of course there aren’t any back pockets. Bree-sewn leisure suits never seem to have back pockets. Grumble.

Have fun!  Thanks!


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