Backpacks, Backpacks Everywhere!

So here’s my internal dialogue last night.

Responsible Self:  You are moving in three days.  Across country.  By car.  With three cats in the back seat.  And on the way, you are stopping in Vegas and getting married.  With, though not to, three cats.  There have got to be productive things you can do with the rest of tonight.

LOTRO-self:  Dude.  You totally have to take screenshots of 80% of the in-game backpacks.

Responsible Self:  OF COURSE YOU DO.

So here we are.  In thumbnail form, because I am merciful.  I like these items a lot.  They give you a different sort of look than cloaks provide; they let you see details on the backs of outfits that cloaks hide, and they give adventuring characters that real on-the-move sort of spirit.

Thanks to Darzil’s and Lotro-wiki, of course, for help with figuring out where things come from.  Each of those pages show a few packs I don’t have access to, like the Elk-hunter’s, Treasure Hunter’s, and Finely Stitched packs.  If you have these and would like to show off a screenshot, please link in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Backpacks, Backpacks Everywhere!

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    • Haha! If the company goes somewhere eventually where sea turtles would be appropriate, someone can absolutely bring one back to her.

      Though now I’m picturing her sitting up nights trying to paint the scaly plates Ered Luin blue.

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