The Brew-master

Some Dwarves’ fortunes lies in shale and stone.  Others hold tightly to their gems and gold, and others still to their water-wheels and mining-carts.  Young Dwarves full of ambition seek fortune in tunnels too deep for sense.  The brew-master’s fortune is tied to barrel and grain and good, clear mountain water.  This is a Dwarf of means, a craftsman no less knowledgeable and exact than his smithing brethren.  When songs are sung and toasts offered, he will be there ready to pass the finest of brews into his fellows’ hands.

This is no swilling dorf stereotype.  This is a proud craftsman proud of the fruit of his labor.

Ladder? Do I need a ladder? What are you implying?

A Dwarf of means.

This one’s empty, brothers.  TO THE NEXT KEG.

  • Head:  none
  • Shoulders:  Potent Calenard War Pauldrons (Craftable, tier 7 metalsmith recipe)
  • Back:  Cloak of the Raven (Fall Festival barter reward, dyed navy)
  • Chest:  Hill-man’s Cracked Leather Jacket (Isengard quest reward, dyed navy)
  • Hands:  Dunland Marcher’s Leather Gauntlets (Isengard quest reward)
  • Legs:  none (ooOOOoooo)
  • Boots:  Scout’s Weathered Leather Boots (Isengard quest reward)

One thought on “The Brew-master

  1. Very good outfit, and well done for pointing out that craftsmanship isn’t all about molding metal and cutting stone. I really love how you’ve made these stationary barrels seem exiting. I can believe he climbed to the top of those racks and then took a fearless shortcut to the ground. I actually had to do something like that on a field school in Honduras years ago. They didn’t have ladders, but you had to climb up 20 foot racks to retrieved boxes of artifacts. It was nuts, but the people that worked there scaled them with no problem (I, meanwhile, took 30 minutes to get one box down).

    Ladders? We don’t need no stinking LADDERS!!

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