The Simple Things (with complicated clothing)

Sometimes, I like the simple things.  Simple outfits, lots of color.  I struggled a bit with the Exquisite Long-Sleeved Dress (one of my favorite in-game gowns) because I didn’t want to cover it with cloaks and shoulders and all the rest.  It’s a beautiful pattern with great color play.  I wanted it to stand on its own.  In the end, that’s what I did, with the addition of the Ceremonial Circlet of the Seven Stars (Annúminas cosmetic armour available from skirmish vendors) head-piece that plays up some of the dress’s great detail.

Seriously!  Check this thing out!  Sea-blue detail at the neckline and waistband and some of the knotwork detail on the front of the dress.  Gold and yellow.  And Ered Luin blue, but that’s because the model character wears nothing but.  Short-sleeve and sleeveless versions are available, though I’m of the opinion that the sleeveless version looks too Exquisite Prom Dress for my tastes.

Please give me more dresses. And shoulders. Holy cow more shoulders except those wrappy things. And more circlets, but not ones that make me look like 1980s workout videos. Pleaaase.

What I really love about this very simple outfit is how the circlet echoes the detail work in the gown, especially in the neckline and around the waist.

Some days are gone, to never return.


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