Spring Sunrise

And I’m back!  Well, for certain definitions of “back.”  For me, “back” means “sitting in corporate housing with my new husband and three cats while frantically searching for long-term housing that will take three cats.”  But!  The important thing is, I have my PC back.  Thanks for the good wishes by comment, Skype, and email, by the way!  Three days in, we still like each other.


One look through the round window of his sitting-room confirmed it:  today would be a lovely sort of day.  Toradoc Broadbrook set his father’s cap on his head just so.  It was a splendid thing with gold embroidery and not one, but two feathers, like those worn by the finest sort of Hobbits.  His snowy white cloak was a gift from his wife Maisie’s mother, and though it was a bit fanciful for a good Hobbiton fellow – even a wealthy one – it kept the chill off and gave Toradoc a certain sort of dash.

“Father!”  Little Bobbin ran up and held his chubby arms up to his da.  “Ma wants flowers on the tea-table!”  Toradoc swooped his son up onto his shoulders, calling, “Duck!” as they passed through the freshly-painted door and out into a brisk, sweet-smelling sunrise.  Bobbin giggled and held tight.

“Well, my boy?” Toradoc called up to his first-born son.  “Flowers are waiting!   Point the way!”

There’s just about nothing prettier than sunrise over Hobbiton.

Here’s how we play jump-the-flower-patch, my boy!

Who has two thumbs and looks awesome in olive, pale blue, gold, and white? THIS GUY.

  • Head:  Extravagant Festival Cap (Yule festival quest/deed reward, dyed olive)
  • Shoulders:  None
  • Back:  Cloak of the Silver Birch (LOTRO Store purchase, dyed white)
  • Chest:  Dwarf Padded Jacket (Model found as drop and quest reward, dyed olive)
  • Hands:  None
  • Legs:  Treasure-hunter’s Leggings (Craftable tailoring recipe, dyed olive)
  • Feet:  …hobbit!

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