Seen on the Streets: Faynir the Ranger

Character:  Faynir
Class:  Hunter
Kinship:  Dunarandir

This is a special “Seen on the Streets” — Landroval player (and roleplayer) Enorra suggested her friend and in-character husband Faynir for a surprise post about his cosmetic looks.  She praised Faynir’s efforts, which even include the use of rp weapons to complement his attire.  After a moment or two of stalking (“she’s looking at your outfits from INSIDE THE HOUSE”), I agreed: he has a number of Ranger-appropriate, dark, sleek looks that really encapsulate that aura of mystery and strength.

Screenshots are courtesy of Enorra.  To Faynir:  Surpriiiiise!

I think Faynir has done a great job with all of his outfits. They’re monochromatic, dark or dun colors, they’re imposing without sticking out — well done!

Enorra and Faynir in town.

It’s a dark screenshot, but I love the rain and the idea of the Ranger (and his lady, who I had to crop out, sorrrrrry!) riding through the sloggy, muddy wilderness.  And I never really noticed the dagger in those gauntlets before; great detail.

If you have any questions about individual pieces, please leave a comment, and I’ll track down Enorra (or perhaps the Ranger himself!) to point you in the right direction.


8 thoughts on “Seen on the Streets: Faynir the Ranger

  1. Great screenshots and great outfits, well done! I know we’re supposed to be looking at Faynir (and his are really nice) but I’m really loving Enorra’s outfit in the second screenshot, wow! 😀

    • This was my thought as well… what is that top she’s wearing I wonder? I love the third picture of Faynir. So… ranger-ish! The dagger totally makes those gauntlets.

  2. Wow! Those are some really cool outfits!
    It says that we can ask about individual pieces, and I was wondering… what shirt is Faynir wearing int he first screenshot? Additionally, I especially love Enorra’s outfit in the second screenshot and I was wondering what shirt she’s wearing? Also, what the shoulders are boots are as well, if that can be found. But especially the shirt. I’ve never seen it before. 🙂

  3. First Picture:
    Traveller’s hood
    Dunland quest reward mantle
    spearshaker’s armor
    worn ranger’s cloak
    dunland quest reward gauntlets

    Second picture (Faynir):
    Lesser secret of the west hood
    Dunland quest reward mantle
    Dunland quest reward armor
    Lesser secret of the west gloves
    Worn Ranger’s cloak
    Dunland quest reward boots

    Second picture (Enorra)
    Traveller’s hood
    Dunland quest reward mantle
    Town-saver’s jacket
    Thrill-seeker’s leggings
    Thrill-seeker’s boots
    Gloves of the Eorlingas

    Hope I am not committing a faux paux by linking to another blog, but this is useful for finding those quest reward items.

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