Troublesome Items II: Clanweave Robe

Oh, how happy I was to read that the Rise of Isengard cosmetics included some new and exciting separates.  I was thrilled!  And several of those pieces are fantastic.  That said…then there’s the Clanweave Robe.

Ohh, Clanweave Robe.  How wide-hipped you make my female characters look.  How disproportionate, how stubby.  What an awkward length you are!  How annoyed you make me!

I’ve seen a couple of people do neat things with it.  Freyjuska of LOTRO Fashion did a marvelous job with her Lady of Rhûn outfit.  She managed to make a stumpy, wide legpiece elegant.  And here’s my offering:

I’m a little teapot…

Hark! That lady over there gets to wear PANTS!

I went with an olive-and-violet color scheme to take advantage of the skirt’s hem detail, as well as the brown and violet hues in the chestpiece.  Violet shoes help to make the skirt seem a little longer.

So what’s YOUR solution?  Have you come up with an outfit for the Clanweave Robe (and other items of identical appearance bearing different Dunland names) that pleases you?  Share!


8 thoughts on “Troublesome Items II: Clanweave Robe

    • Haha! I’m glad it gets love from such a great LOTRO fashionista! As an extremely curvy lady in real life, I tend to find myself wincing at anything that emphasizes that in my toons.

      • I’m also very far from a model irl, but for me it also plays for the curvy shapes ingame – I always tend to identify with my characters (at least the most played ones) and I can’t identify with having legs as wide as my rl wrists 😀 but that’s again a matter of taste, among guys as well as girls 🙂

  1. Foo, it won’t let me respond directly. But: good point, Freyjuska! There’s something about the Clanweave’s proportions that drive me ape, but I like having chars who appear to have different body types despite limited customization options in-game.

    • Haaa! I love it. I’m of the firm opinion that Hobbits make just about everything look good.

      You folks are starting to bring me around to the merits of this stumpy skirt!

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