Seen on the Streets: Findolin the Shadow-hunter

Character:  Findolin
Class:  Warden

Findolin Daefaron is a Silvan elf of Eryn Galen, now called Mirkwood in its darkest years.  He has fought ceaselessly against the foul creatures that plague the forest, remaining when many of his kind have instead fled for their peaceful Western isle.  Findolin’s colors are those of Shadow Hunters like himself.

I saw Findolin standing in the AH and was struck by the elegant simplicity of the outfit, as well as the combination of a few blue hues and black.  Once he explained his in-character concept, I could see how the colors I admired fit well with the concept of fighting from the shadows of his murky home forests.

They make them dreamy in Mirkwood!

So! Many! Questions! from! the! blogger!

A Shadow Hunter of Mirkwood in his formal attire.

As always, if you have any questions or comments for Findolin, feel free to post them below!


2 thoughts on “Seen on the Streets: Findolin the Shadow-hunter

  1. I really like this outfit (possibly because my favourite colour is blue…) But Findolin chose well to match it with the gold, it looks great, and I especially like the matching circlet!

    I do wish you would show a shot from the back for each outfit – I have a rather strong love for cloaks 🙂

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