Cloak of the Day: The Silver Birch

I overuse this cloak.  Really.  It’s my go-to when a character needs to have a certain presence, or when I don’t want to use shoulders, but still need a bit of balance up top.  The Cloak of the Silver Birch has a cool heft to it.  It’s a cloak that means business.  It also comes in a hooded version, and you find both in the LOTRO Store.

Dyes and the Silver Birch are an interesting thing:  the hood and center of the cloak are dyeable, but the patterned edges – or lining, as I tend to think of it – are not.  The lining remains a greyish green no matter what.   This gives you some really nifty options.  Lotro-wiki shows it in white, while this great outfit by Cosmetic Lotro features a striking burgundy-and-sage combination.

I decided to go green, and to use the Cloak of the Silver Birch with the Golden Wood set from Lothlorien.

I call this one, “Aw jeez, what did I step in now?”

I sorted your stupid pots already! Seriously, how hard is it to stick the small pieces with the small pieces and the big ones with the big ones?

A walk across the sands.


6 thoughts on “Cloak of the Day: The Silver Birch

  1. Oooohh… I like the green with gold details on that cloak! *drools*

    Hmm…. Guess I should bookmark it and wait until it is on sale. @_@

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