Cloak of the Day: Golodir’s Mantle

Okay, LOTRO fashion blogosphere, help me out a little here.  The bright and happy pattern on Golodir’s Mantle was once also found on the Bree-land reputation rewards vendor, as a reward for Kindred.  Wasn’t it?  (EDIT:  Thanks, Cosmetic Lotro, for updating me — Tad Leafcutter can also give you this cloak, just outside the Bree-town Hunting Lodge).

(Outdated paragraph, go!)  In any event, it isn’t now — so forgive me, readers, for picking another cloak that is slightly difficult to acquire.  I only say “slightly” because Volume I, while easily solo-able, is also an endless slog of inspiration buffs and horse travel.  And great LOTRO-lore, don’t get me wrong, but I still think “slog” is accurate.

That said, some of the armour offered as quest rewards in Vol. I is just gorgeous, and often appears nowhere else in game.  Golodir’s Mantle is a reward from Vol. I, Book 14, Chapter 1.  You’re up in Angmar for this.  The sky looks bloody and torn.  The landscape is a jagged nightmare, and as you travel to claim the breastplate of Laerdan, you pass through raging beasts and foul, stinking waters.

And then you get a cloak with a bunny on it.

It doesn’t even dye, which totally contradicts a comment I left this morning on Cosmetic Lotro about the new Rohan armour.  But this cloak is just so lovely, so cheery and Hobbity and Bree-ish, so not epic…I can’t help but love it.

“I could run a full league on fences, drinking all the while. Don’t you think I CAN’T, Frego Brandybuck!”

Someone left these all alone! Poor carrots. Poor LONELY carrots. Carrots just need a lunchtime friend…


7 thoughts on “Cloak of the Day: Golodir’s Mantle

  1. Bwahaha, you’re so right about the bunny. I remember doing those quests for the first time and thinking, ‘Alright… So, I guess the ranger reeeeally likes rabbits or something.’

    • Haha, I know! The writer in me wants to believe that Golodir gives you this cloak as a small, poignant reminder of landscapes and wildlife left behind. Angmar might be horrific, but somewhere there are bunnies and green fields.

      But mostly, I giggle because…bunny.

    • …seriously? Argh, I checked this morning, and didn’t see it. On a Kindred char, no less. Ai, well, this is why you rule.

      And it really does call for Hobbit-kind, doesn’t it?

  2. One of Beacher’s old outfits was built around this cloak. I had a lot of fun trying to find items to match that beautiful gradient on the back!

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