Cloak of the Day: The Elf-lord

We are almost done with Cloak Week (Period of Time)!  We have one more Seen on the Streets, and then we’re off to frontal shots and actual outfits again.  Thanks for your comments and tweets and interest; cloaks and backpacks add so much to an outfit!

The last of my Most Favored Cloaks is the lovely Elf-lord’s Cloak, which you can acquire in the LOTRO Store.  Here’s a hooded version as featured by Cosmetic Lotro (and look, we both wore the same dress to the prom!  Embarrassing!  But it shows just how beautifully this dress favors this cloak).  Deep, saturated dyes suit this cloak so well, revealing not just stark white embroidery and dropped crystals, but also a slightly lighter band of color at the hem.  Really, this one’s just a stunner.

I can’t even make up a funny/pithy caption here. I just love this cloak, and find the combination of white and Ered Luin blue elegant and striking. I want one.

Some flowers are best picked under moonlight (or Alt + f10).

Nidhil is snickering at just how pretty she is.


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