Seen on the Streets: Hragli Steelhand

Before we begin, here’s a shout-out to another relatively new fashion blog:  An Unexpected Fashion Blog, over on Imladris.  They started in May (just like meee!).  It’s great to have all these blogs to check out for inspiration, as they say.  Give yourself a shout-out in comments if you have a LOTRO blog, fashion or not, that I’ve managed to miss!


Character:  Hragli
Kinship:  Heralds of Durin

Today, we have a real treat.  While walking (read: stalking) through Bree-town, I spotted a Dwarf of fierce and noble visage.  Given this week’s emphasis on cloaks, I was so pleased to see a character wearing the Ceremonial Singed Cloak.  The first of Hragli’s outfits centers around the Durin’s Guard Moria set, with the addition of the Worker’s Helmet.  Hragli took inspiration from the Silmarillion and other works of Tolkien that detail “…dwarves wearing face-helms with frightening visages on them, to protect them from dragonfire and other dangers.”

His second outfit is directly modeled after the description of Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit:

“Then they hung up two yellow hoods and a pale green one; and also a sky-blue one with a long silver tassel.  This last belonged to Thorin, an enormously important dwarf, in fact no other than the great Thorin Oakenshield himself, who was not at all pleased at falling flat on Bilbo’s mat with Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur on top of him.”

Hragli’s homage to Thorin includes both the Cloak of the Golden Wood and the Robe of the Stone-Hewer, the latter to mimic “the expensive gold inlays in the fine fabric,” as Hragli described.

(EDIT:  Photos look much better, thanks to a 30-day trial of Photoshop Elements.  I still recommend not using a forge as your backdrop. 😉 )

(From Of Túrin Turambar, The Silmarillion) “…Therefore they gave him dwarf-mail, to guard him; and in a grim mood he found also in the armouries a dwarf-mask all gilded, and he put it on before battle, and his enemies fled before his face.”

(From The Hobbit) “Then they went back, and found Thorin with his feet on the fender smoking a pipe. He was blowing the most enormous smoke-rings, and wherever he told one to go, it went – up the chimney, or behind the clock on the mantelpiece, or under the table, or round and round the ceiling; but wherever it went it was not quick enough to escape Gandalf.”

As always, if you have direct questions for Hragli, feel free to leave them in comments.  Thank you, Hragli, for your time!


5 thoughts on “Seen on the Streets: Hragli Steelhand

  1. I just started one, http:/

    Just a few posts so far. I greatly admire yours, I often laugh out loud. You have a delightfully wicked sense of humor, I love it. 😉


    • Oooh, Ivy, thank you. That means a lot! And foo, mind rechecking the link you provide? I can’t get to it, even with adding the extra backslash. And I want to seee!

      • Oh noes, my trial is up already. I’ll get it updated today and let you know as soon as it’s back up. Soo sorry about that.

  2. The Ivy is back up, in case you’d still like to check it out. Thanks for your interest! I was thinking of doing a hauberk week as well, maybe we could make it a joint effort but using different hauberks. There are so many fricking variations we could probably do hauberk month. Or not, lol.

    • Hiya! Haha, a joint hauberk week is a great idea. I’m set on stuff to post for the next week and a half or so, but after that — maybe last week of June or somesuch? Let’s talk more!

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