Seen on the Streets: Master Guardsman Kerdeth Alagos

So, I usually end up taking screenshots of roleplayers.  They’re my tribe, and I know many of them, and they tend to put obsessive amounts of creativity and effort into their outfits.

Well, color me chagrined, because after today, I’m going to start hanging out in the (safe) parts of the (no, really, the safe bits) Ettenmoors.  Not that roleplayers don’t also PvMP, don’t hurt me!  I’ve just never tried it beyond dying six times on a warg in as many minutes, so I have no real conception of it.  Anyone want to take a warden/minstrel/champ/hunter out into the ‘Moors to see how it all works?  *puppy eyes*

I saw Kerdeth racing through Bree-town and basically followed after like an Elf-groupie.  He was more than a little surprised that I wanted to turn him into a fashion post, instead of just die at his hands by fire or lightning.  But he graciously allowed me to take several screenshots, with only this fairly PvMPish sort of sentiment:  “Don’t copy my outfit or I’ll track you down!”

Sir, yes sir!

His outfit is based around the Breastplate of the Enforcer (and here’s another gorgeous example of the item’s use, by Cosmetic Lotro), supplemented by the Malledhrim Pauldrons and Boots of the Enlightened and the Elf-lord’s Cloak.  The combination of stark black, silver, and icy blue is a chilling one, and one that made me think of lightning cutting a jagged trail across a darkened sky.

Last screenshot! I promise! DON’T FRY ME!

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments!  Thank you, Kerdeth!


7 thoughts on “Seen on the Streets: Master Guardsman Kerdeth Alagos

  1. Hah! You should have caught him in his pink and turquoise suit with a pink top hat.
    🙂 Glad to see Moors folk!

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