Friday Poll: Dyes!

I don’t know why I like exclamation points in post titles so much.  I may have a theatrical side.

Landroval Style:  The Musical! 

Anyway, I’d like to start a new feature, in which I ask an outfitting-related question every Friday.  These will be simple polls, but please feel free to elaborate in comments.


…and you can’t edit your own poll, ha.  In option #4, it should be “…dyes OR my farming mats…”  Words are hard!


Oh, and my husband/editor points out that I need to answer for myself, so:  A little bit of answers 1-3, depending on the situation.  I make many dyes.  The AH is my friend.  And I often have extra TP because I have multiple accounts.  And when I am standing in a gorgeous, remote, screenshotting venue and realize that I wanted boots that were @#$!@@ umber, not !@#$!@# sienna, that LOTRO Store is kinda handy.


11 thoughts on “Friday Poll: Dyes!

  1. I make mine, too. They take up a lot of space in shared storage, lol. And yes, Hymne! Scholar was the first profession I maxed out, just for those improved dye recipes!! 😊

  2. I’d go to that musical, especially if there’s lots of recitatif!:P

    I voted other. I usually have my scholar make a guild dyes each week, but if I’m standing near an auction house I’ll buy them there too. If it’s an outfitting emergency (and I know you know this happens), I’ll purchase from the LOTRO Store!

  3. Mine goes something like this: I am broke. I get dyes when cosmetic blogs have coupons (yay coupons!) or when my characters get it as a quest reward, or occasionally when my baby scholar makes something. Usually, I just drool over dyes 🙂

  4. I have a question not related to dyes (I play on a couple of servers, so on Arkenstone I can make any dye, and I can make a few each on Laurelin, Landroval, and Crickhollow).

    I’ve been perusing your blog. You have the Thorin pair of outfits, right? That was you? (I’m getting lost in all the gorgeousness.) Would you be willing to answer a couple of questions about your Tolkien-reading and how it affects your outfitting? If so, shoot me an email at gwyn.mcvay at gmail dot com. I’m working on an article for that I think just got bigger.

    Moraiwë of Arkenstone

    • Moraiwë, that was actually one of the people I featured in a “Seen on the Streets,” Hragli. What I will do is leave an in-game mail for him pointing him here, so he can see your request! And what a fascinating article idea, I can’t /wait/ to see what you write, being such a lore-hound myself.

    • Hi, this is Hragli. I receive a letter in Lord of the Rings online asking me to answer your question. I’d love to talk about Tolkien’s works! If you play LOTRO you can contact Hragli there on Landroval if you’re ever on that server. If not, I’d be happy to send you an e-mail.

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