Seen on the Streets: Lady Aminah Arathalion

First, announcement!  The last week of June, the lovely Ivy of The Ivy and I will be holding a joint Hauberk Week.  Each day, we’ll feature the same hauberk, but on different models, with different dyes, accessories, and backgrounds.  Maybe!  Maybe our outfitting brains will be so in sync we’ll overlap!  WHO CAN TELL.

I am excited about this, and I hope other people will submit their cool ideas for the same hauberks on either or both of our blogs.  Whee!


Today’s Seen on the Streets is a bit of a cheat, given that it isn’t so much “seen” as “I asked her to log in.”

I’m excited about featuring my friend Celeveren‘s character Aminah.  Aminah is from Harad, which is not in itself unique.  I’ve seen several people roleplay Haradrim, whether as villains, rebels, or unexpected allies.  Aminah has taken it a bit further and posited different nations within the larger mass of Harad.

I asked her to give me a few sentences on her outfitting and cultural choices, and here’s her response:

“The challenge with doing a character from a culture that is very foreign to the standard LOTRO nationality choices is finding outfits that fit with your interpretation of that ‘other’ culture. I interpret the part of Harad that Aminah comes from as an analogue to medieval Egypt, and she veils herself in public. Quite a costuming challenge! The raven mask makes quite a nice niqab with veil, and the robe and gloves cover everything else while still looking stylish. The second outfit covers the second challenge of clothing a dark-skinned character; many choices that look good on pale skin don’t work on dark. However, the screaming yellow that looks weird on paler skin is quite flattering for Aminah’s indoor dress and keeps her features from washing out.”

Aminah’s suggested caption for this one was: Of course, there are disadvantages to checking out the Breeland food scene while veiled. But you do keep your girlish figure.

Again, from Aminah:  Aminah’s husband, a Gondorian noble, gave her a duplicate of his circlet as a wedding gift. She wears it proudly, though not without some mixed reactions from her people and her in-laws.


As always, if you have questions or comments for Aminah, feel free to comment, and I’ll make sure she sees them.  Thanks, Aminah!


4 thoughts on “Seen on the Streets: Lady Aminah Arathalion

  1. I never expected to see an arabian-inspired outfit in LotRO but this one work perfectly!

    I am also surprised that yellow isn’t used more. On the other hand, the way it is so bright I can understand why. Still it looks beautiful on Aminah. 🙂

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