The Dawn-warrior

Usually I come up with pithy narratives for these, whether comedic or not.  Today…dagnabit, I just really dig the cloak.

The High Herald’s Cloak is just so cool.  Gryphons!  Heraldry!  It seems to call for heavy armour and a heroic stance, so that’s exactly what I did.

The gryphon (griffin) as a heraldic device is a popular one, appearing on both individual and institutional coats of arms.  Check out the Knowlsley Metropolitan Borough Council, or any of the other hundreds of images that pop up under a search about gryphons in heraldry.

Today’s model greets the dawn in fitting colors of gold and rust and grey mail.   I love the look of different heavy armour types blended together to give a warrior a more authentic appearance:  he isn’t perfect and polished in ornamental mail ready for review.  Instead, he wears the pieces he could find or make or was issued, all of a theme, but not all of a whole.

I cropped out his opponent, since it doesn’t look terribly heroic for him to two-shot a Bambi twenty levels lower. >.>

I just LOVE this cloak. The portions that look umber here are the only parts that dye.

  • Shoulders:  Shoulders of Gamil Filk, dyed gold
  • Back:  High Herald’s Cloak
  • Chest:  Survivor’s Armour
  • Hands:  Chainmail Gauntlets 
  • Legs:  Sturdy West-land Leggings of Resilience, dyed gold
  • Feet:  Dwarf Steel Boots of Might, dyed rust

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