Seen on the Streets: Attanamir

First things first:  as much as I love fashion blogging, I love writing more.  My in-character writing blogs (I have two; if you’re curious, see the About page.  I’m too shy to flog them here) are a source of constant joy to me, as are the roleplay blogs of many of my friends.  If you’re interested in starting to write in your character’s voice, an excellent Landroval thought-starter is Pumyra’s RP Prompts.  This week’s is, “A catch-phrase your character uses often.”  If you choose to take advantage of this, or have a writing blog already, leave a comment!  It’s a joy to read other people’s creativity.


Speaking of lovely writers and roleplayers, today’s Seen on the Streets is a great example of both, Attanamir.  Attanamir is a young man, a scholar and adventurer with a dark background and a somewhat dark countenance.  We chose the Old Forest as a setting despite its horrific lighting because the character wanders and studies there often.

I really admire Atan’s sense of color and his CLOAKS, holy cow.   The cloak in the second outfit is the Cloak of the Mallorn; in the third, it’s the Warm Winter Cloak, which looks just stunning in black.  I asked Atan about the character’s aesthetic, and his response was that he builds his outfits around a few much-loved pieces.  In the second and third outfits, the sashes on the chestpieces (the Ceremonial Town-Saver’s Jacket and the Shirt of the Mighty Verse, respectively) seem “foreign” to his eye,  and therefore emphasize the character’s Southron blood.

Image-intensive post, folks.  Whee!

Thoughtful, stoic.

Scholar pontification mode.

kjopivuoajlkzxcljpiweqjas LOVE this cloak.

…blue has not made him friendlier.


What the Valaring Valar is on my hands?

kasjfakvlkxvz;lkxcvjpowieas CLOAAAAK

And they say scholars have no muscle tone!

As always, if you have any questions for Attanamir, leave them in comments.  Thank you for your time, Atan!


9 thoughts on “Seen on the Streets: Attanamir

    • Haha! Couldn’t resist. It is not an expression I would ever expect to see on the CHARACTER’s face, certainly.

      I am also fond of the spider in the background who is all, “‘Sup.”

    • Psht, he makes goofy smiles all the time. Just not in public. 😉

      Ian is pleased that Atan finally put aside those ratty old cloaks he used to wear. Hahaha!

      • Shhh, Ian never saw Atan in that one. There’s my my excuse. *cough* Ok, also I only realized it after I posted the comment, lol!

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