Dress It Up: Early Boot Patterns

This upcoming week is Hauberk Week with The Ivy.  Huzzah!


Here are the basic “Dress It Up” rules:  Dress it up however you like, on either gender, any race, in any fashion, and leave a comment with a link to your outfit, whether it’s on your own blog or in one of the many photo hosting sites.

Do you have at least one level 75 powering your outfit choices?  Now that you have access to the splendid new Isengard boots as cosmetic possibilities, do you ever – ever! – use the cosmetic boots available at the low-level Outfitters?  I used to use them all the time!  They were my go-to boots, the sort of cheap summer sneakers you can buy at Walmart at 3AM and know you can easily destroy while walking around in the lake the next day.  That sort of thing.

But since Isengard, I haven’t touched them.  How about you?

First, to jog your memories (all are undyed):

Soft Stitched Boots

Soft Leather Boots

Padded Leather Boots

Light Buckled Boots

Glossy Leather Boots

A few possibilities there, right?  Subtle differences.  So what about you?  Ever use them in any of your current outfits?


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