Hauberk Week: Eastern-cut

Hauberk Week with Ivy continues!

The Eastern-cut Hauberk is one of those interesting items I saw in the Bree-town Outfitters right off, bought a few times, and never really embraced.  Why?  Because it wasn’t until I started my close-up screenshots that I realized the weird design, right front and center, is an oliphant.  Seriously!  Gaah!  I am now much more interested, which is why I tossed a bucket-full of crimson dye at the whole affair.

I like what Ivy’s done with it, with subdued dye on the hauberk and more contrasting accessories around it (on an adorable Hobbit, too!).  Me — I wanted a big crimson oliphant.

I do not have all day to stand in one place and be photographed, lady.

The Wood-wanderers’ Cloak continues to be one of my favorites.

See? SEE? Oliphant? I cannot express how often I play this game and fiddle around with cosmetics. I’m a 5-year player. And still, this is the first time I’ve noticed the flipping oliphant.

Tomorrow is the Sellswords’ Hauberk, and I am DANG excited about that one.  Even without an oliphant.  Feel free to play along in comments, and go see Ivy!


3 thoughts on “Hauberk Week: Eastern-cut

  1. Oms, I love it. Your black-haired girl looks fantastic, very dramatic. I really like how you went bold and the model is perfect. Know what? I am loving this. And hey, we also both highlighted a specific area of the chest; great minds and all that…. 😉

  2. I mostly hate hauberks, but this looks great! The deep reds really blend it together, and the shoulders make it look suitably aggressive.

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