Hauberk Week: The Sellsword

Hauberk Week with Ivy continues with Day 3!

Today we’re both exploring variations on my much-loved Sellsword’s Hauberk, available in the LOTRO Store.  It’s a dramatic sort of item with large black portions that do not dye.  I love it because I really enjoy simplicity and elegance, and this hauberk has both (if you consider a mega sword down the front of your body elegant, which it sounds like my bananas self does).

I decided to pair it with white, to give the hauberk a sort of stark Gondorian feel.  In my mind, this character is an Eastern-born man who, rather than join the Gondorian military in whatever fashion, chose instead to follow the mercenary’s path.  His color scheme speaks of home, but there’s a symbol of his profession, not a White Tree, on his tabard.  I kept the rest of it fairly simple except for the dramatic Vibrant Calenard Battle Gauntlets, which I just love.

Tomorrow, Ivy and I both play with the Mariner’s Hauberk.  And since I’ve already used my black dye for the week, I’ll have to pop out of my comfort zone for that one!  Stay tuned!


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