Hauberk Week: Patched and Ready

Hauberk Week comes to a close with the delightful Patched Hauberk.  Please go see Ivy’s variation (which is probably not based on Hobbit hijinks) on the same item.  I also want to thank Ivy for the great idea to collaborate on a week of outfits.  I’ve had a ball, seen some great traffic and talked to some new readers.

The Patched Hauberk is available from skirmish camp cosmetic vendors.  It’s a fuzzy, mangy sort of thing, and I love it.  The colors are very warm, burgundy and rust, so I decided to contrast that with a cool indigo.  And Hobbit hijinks.


“Well, boys, I’m off.”  Thrumbo Brandybuck did a slow pivot in place while his mates hooted and pounded full mugs of porter on the table.  Over by the bar, Rosalee the serving-girl laughed so hard she could barely keep her her tray of soup bowls from sliding.

When she could breathe, the hobbit-lass asked, “Thrumbo, what’s that on your head?  And is that your Uncle Barland’s old hauberk?  Have the mice been at it?”

Thrumbo gave Rosalee a sour sort of look, though that only inspired more giggles.  “He says I’ll be the best protected Hobbit in the group!  Brandybucks are always thinking ahead!  Not like Shortbows.”  He grinned smugly at Rosalee’s sudden scowl; she was half Shortbow, after all.

“But…but…the hat.”  Thrumbo’s friend Radioc said once he’d stopped wheezing from laughter.  “That’s got a POINT in the middle of it.   If you trip, you’ll skewer yourself.”

“I won’t skewer myself.”

“Aye, but if you did!”  Rosalee set her tray down, the better to bend double and place her hands on her knees.  Her shoulders shook.

Thrumbo glared at Radioc.  “I’m going to see my Aunt Petunia in Staddle, and I’m going to be well protected, and if any of the Big Folk make trouble for me, I’m just going to aim this at their middles and charge!”

Radioc and the others cheered at that.  “That’s right, Thrumbo!  Get ’em where it hurts!”  “Do old Brandybuck proud!”  “That’ll stop ’em in their tracks!”  A few children at the next table started careening around and head-butting each other in the stomach in imitation.

Before Thrumbo could muster up some umbrage at the laughter, Rosalee brought over a mug and set it down before him.  A flush brightened her freckled cheeks.  “I think it’s very brave,” she said, with a wink to go with the words.  “Come say hallo when you’re back.  If you don’t skewer yourself.”

Thrumbo grinned beneath his overlarge hat.  It slipped to one side and covered his eye, but with a raise of his mug and another cheer from Radioc, he discovered even a lopsided hat didn’t get in the way of one last ale before the road.

The road goes ever on and on, but Hauberk Week has come to a close.  Thank you again, Ivy!

Look for a special hauberk-related poll tomorrow, and a new Dress It Up on Sunday.  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Hauberk Week: Patched and Ready

  1. What a great story! I read it at work and received a few puzzled looks when I laughed out loud, haha. I love the lopsided hat, of course it wouldn’t keep him from his ale!

    Thanks for a lovely, fun-filled week. It’s really been grand. 🙂

  2. Really cute post. 🙂 I really love your first picture, it’s very much a heated Hobbit-discussion down at the pub!

    I’ve really enjoyed Hauberk Week, it’s been great comparing how you and Ivy have approached the same pieces. 🙂

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