Rain, Rain! (and a poll)

This is no fancy original outfit, this is just an adorable Hobbit in the rain dressing up a poll.  See how I help you manage expectations? 😉

What, rain? RAIN? My hat! My feet! My dress!

And here’s the poll part.  Here’s the thing:  I want to make sure this blog is fun for both me AND readers.  Other amaaaazing bloggers (I point to my blogroll now, enthusiastically!) create original outfits with flair and style.   What I really like is a lot of variety, a lot of reporting about other people’s creativity, and some occasional fiddling in my characters’ closets.  But that’s ME.  What have you enjoyed reading here, and what might you like to see in greater abundance?  Or, alternately, shoved under a rock?

Voting in a poll solves everything! Even rain!

Thanks so much for helping me figure out how to entertain you!

(OH OH OH.  My other LOTRO (visual) obsession is house/kinhall decorating.  Would you enjoy seeing posts on that subject as well?  It’s all style!  Since polls aren’t editable, please mention in comments if that piques your interest.)


9 thoughts on “Rain, Rain! (and a poll)

  1. I voted “other”. I’ve been enjoying all your posts, but I really enjoy “Seen on the Streets”. I think it’s really cool to see what inspiring outfits people come up with “without an audience” so to speak. I also think it’s something that’s completely unique to your blog! But I also think a mix of all the different features you’ve been having is really nice. 🙂

  2. I voted for “other” too since I love all those features. 🙂

    Also, being a MMORPG house decoration enthusiast I would love to see posts about houses/kinhalls. Specially since I have yet to buy a house to myself (kinda busy in other games right now… :x) so this would give me a good idea of what is possible with LotRO’s housing system. 🙂

  3. Of course, you know my favorite. 😉

    I really do like your Seen on the Streets as well. I never cease to be amazed at the creativity I see from player outfits, especially the ones that strut around West Bree. 😉

  4. “Other”, because I like all of it. But most of all I enjoy your funny writing style and the grain of salt that you add to your outfitting endeavours. I like the funny pictures that you use and the variety of subjects. It’s all good!

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