Friday Poll: Favorite NPC Outfits

I know I’ve done this:  wandered into a zone, taken one look at the NPCs, and said, dang, I want to wear that.  Blogger lotroadventurer wrote a post with screenshots of NPC outfits at the beginning of the week, and I’ve included a bunch more below.  So with all this source material in mind, here’s today’s Friday Poll:

Multiple answers are fine in this one!  And it isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list; if I did that we’d be here all day.

As for my own preferences?  I am the biggest Rohan fangirl in the world.  Gimme some of THAT.

Now for the screenshots!

The Hobbit versions of the Inklings, in Michel Delving. One of my favorite little bits of awesome in the entire game.

I love this outfit. I think I have thing for brown. And Dwarves.

I think the Hillmen in Aughaire and beyond have some of the most detailed, fascinating cosmetics in the game.

We talk about boar droppings a LOT.

I am so much prettier than any of you could ever be.

Hellloooo, nurse.


5 thoughts on “Friday Poll: Favorite NPC Outfits

  1. My new favorite NPC outfit is on the backs of the Blue Caste Sorcerers in the brown lands. I wish we could loot clothes of off enemies.

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