Poll Results: Hillmen of Angmar

Yesterday’s poll (and I should really know better than to post a lotta stuff during the 4th of July holiday week) had two sort-of clear “winners,” in terms of, “NPCs whose outfits I would most like to yoink.”  The Hillmen of Angmar and the Rohirrim seemed to intrigue people the most.  I’m not going to go bananas with the Rohirrim right now, since that’ll be all we talk about in a few months (OMG cannot wait).  But the Hillmen?  I’m going to show you lots of Hillmen.

The NPCs above are all from Aughaire.

And here are (some of) your Angmar opponents, the Duvárdain.

Those were all taken on Ultra High, by the way — just some fuzzy patterns and meshes in there.  That said, I love the look of all the layered fabrics, as well as the hints of jewelry and bone decoration.  I think the skin ink is SO neat, but I wouldn’t want the option for PCs, or Middle-earth would suddenly look like Hyboria.

So how would YOU do a Hillmen outfit given the items in game?  Or how have you done it already?  Here’s an attempt of mine, using bits and bobs like the Starkmoor’s Caretaker Leggings and the Leather Shirt of Vigor:

I’m not thrilled by this.  The black panels in the skirt aren’t really echoed by anything in the top, but my backup plan, one of the Forochel items, was too heavily color-saturated to suit the skirt either.  I do like the silhouette, though — you folks have changed my mind about the legpiece.  Mostly. 😉


4 thoughts on “Poll Results: Hillmen of Angmar

    • Oh dang. I love yours; that’s awesome! Thank you for the link! And yeah, I thought of a lot of tops that either contain large areas of black (like the leggings) or were just heavier in color, but then you lose that sort of layered, multi-colored Hillman appearance. Tricksy!

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