House and Home: The Actress

Here’s a fun bit of house decoration (she said, humbly).  You know that to really feel immersed in your LOTRO dwelling, it takes imagination.  Chairs aren’t really ten feet from tables.  There ARE chairs and tables, even when you stuff your housing slots with palantirs and warg-trophies and Sinister Kegs.  At least there are in my mind.

Luned here is an actress (in the Gown of Autumn Nights) of some small note, mostly in Bree-town.  She and her partner give theatrical performances filled with spectacle! and drama!, and she’s collected the props to prove it.  Dragons fashioned from frame and painted canvas, wooden ships and wooden flames, glass globes and elaborate costumes.  She has a love of sparkle and jewels and flowers.

Conversations with a very flat bear.

Luned’s prop-storage house is filled with the various bibs and bobs you earn from festivals and Epic quests, but shabbied down a bit.  Palantir?  Nooo.  Glass globe on a painted wooden stand!

I see FAME in my future.

Why HELLO there Gondorian knight. Yes, I will have this dance, thank you!

Rehearsing monologues from a wicker stage.

Strike a pose!

And for some overall shots of the small Bree-land house this space occupies, please click on the thumbnails.  Big views!

The front room!

The back room!


7 thoughts on “House and Home: The Actress

    • That’s the “Dwarf Yule-fest Wall,” from the Yule festival. I absolutely love it, given all the bling around the upper molding. The Dwarven wall patterns are just so awesome, no matter what the season. I’ll be showing off the summer Dwarf-wall next.

  1. I love this. I was laughing at the wicker stage and then realised, hang on, I haven’t seen that chair before! I might borrow this idea if I may and shake up my blog with a tour of my house 😀

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog. and this entry really struck my eye.

    You see, I’m a prop-maker IRL, so I can’t help but delight in the way you view the furniture via those goggles. Thank you for adding a little bit of fun to the game. 🙂

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