Friday Poll: HATS

There are some whackadoodle hats in LOTRO.  Just saying.  I have a few favorites (screenshots after the jump), but a lot of the time, I keep that head slot toggled OFF.

What about you?  Friday poll time!

And now for the screenshots.

The Sun Hat is a cheery thing, complete with pipe for breaks!

One of the lovely cosmetics (the Wide-brimmed Spring Hat) from the recent Spring Festival, dyed violet. A coy sort of hat.

I will not reveal how long it took me to skirmish solo for the 5 Whatsit Marks that used to be necessary for this (the Ceremonial Thrill-seeker’s Helm). It was still totally worth it.

For Starry Mantle, a Loafer’s Hat redux.

It’s Yule-fest in July! When the Yule Stocking Cap (and Scarf) were first revealed, I know a lot of people were disappointed with the mesh and with the items in general. Contrary person that I am, I love both with all my festival-obsessed heart.

I probably use the Traveller’s Hood more than any other hat cosmetic.

You know, you pat a Dwarf on the head, you sort of deserve to get your palm impaled (by the Barrow-scout’s Helm). Baruk Khazâd!

What’s YOUR favorite hat/helm?

(And for the record, I blamed my infrequent head slot use on OTHER MMOs.  I just got so used to toggling hats off in World of Warcraft – which I still happily play, don’t be a hater!  It’s just full of so many crazysauce Power Ranger, crystal-ball-on-fire-on-your-head hats that I stopped even looking.)


10 thoughts on “Friday Poll: HATS

  1. THE HAT!! 😛

    I like a hat or helm to complete each outfit as well, especially for an “adventuring” outfit or a travelling outfit. Of course, it also stems from blogging about outfits, because when I post something I want it to be as complete an outfit as possible

    • Haha, yes! I have to /remind/ myself to make complete outfits for outfit blogging. In my daily gameplay, I usually wear circlets, the Traveller’s Hood, or nuthin’.

  2. I miss my Phoenix Hatchling.

    I usually wear something on my head, unless it’s a hood which I remove during the day (unless it’s raining).


    Oh! And I love the Annuminas light circlet and burglar rift hats, they are awesome. And the Townsaver’s. And the spring flower wreath.

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