Seen on the Streets: Botild of Rohan

Today’s Seen on the Streets is a good friend of mine, Celeveren.  I previously featured her Haradrim character Aminah, and today I’d like to show off another of her characters’ outfits.  The player is a person who likes to rp against-the-grain sort of characters, whether younger, older, marginalized, or from cultures not often explored by other roleplayers.

Botild is an older woman, a shieldmaiden who now serves as a caretaker and healer of horses in the Eastemnet hall to which she is bound.  She has never followed a traditional path, and her garments reflect both her practical job and her past as an armed defender.  Botild is not one for gowns.

She’s just a little hoarse. (OMG I crack myself up.)

In Botild’s player’s own words:

“When I approached Botild, I first tried my best to make her look believably middle-aged.  Not elderly, not movie-star-gorgeous – but middle aged, like your Mom or your riding coach.  I think I did a good job.  I chose to age her eyes and use freckles over wrinkles to give her a sun-worn look, and then tinkered with her hair until it looked like blond in the process of going grey, but not yet full white.”

I love the gold and blue together.  Blue is the heraldic color of the made-up Rohirrim hall to which Botild is attached, so the outfit fits perfectly in a roleplay sense as well.

And switching to a couple of different outfits just to show other facets of Botild’s hall life:

A meeting of the minds.

This is my favorite of the three outfits, I think. Such a simple combination, but striking with Botild’s coloring, and excellent for her stable-based life.  Though as I’ve said before, I wish our cosmetic designers would decide on which piece, top or bottom, gets belts.  Dunland cosmetics have a lot of double-belting going on.

If you have a question or comment for Botild, please leave it below.  Thank you, Botild, for your time!


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