House and Home: Just for the Pretty

So usually I have no problem coming up with little narratives for my posts.  This time, I struggled.  Not because I don’t like the topic or the screenshots.  Instead, I just found myself saying, “Oh, I like that!” and “Ooh pretty!”  So in the end, I decided (as I do with my real-life home) that “pretty” is just fine as a reason to be.

There’s no reason why your in-game house shouldn’t delight your eye!  I spend a lot of time roleplaying in various homestead sites.  NB:  Turbine, I’ll do a lot more rp in busier town areas and meet more people when simple emotes like “Laenlis’s character leans against the stone wall as she listens to the band” aren’t broadcasted over an area three zip codes in diameter.

I use my houses as another facet of character, whether it’s to show a certain nationality, a level of riches, an occupation (big-game hunter?  scholar?), or just someone really obsessed with dark wall colors (*cough*).

I love the contrast between the purple wall and the rich cherry wainscoting. I tried to echo that same effect by using the Small High Seas Rug on the floor.

I love the Breakfast Table. It’s one of the three items you can place in a “Special Furniture” slot, and is easily made by a Journeyman in the Cook profession.

The Small Stone Fireplace is available at the Shire homesteads vendor area.

I will be a happy panda the day we have more choices in wall furniture besides “Bree-land/Shire rustic” and “OMG, Elves must love red.”

And for a close-up of some pretty: the Leaf-blade Candlestand is a gorgeous housing item, with a matching chandelier you can slot in Deluxes or Kinhalls. It’s an Artisan Weaponsmithing recipe, available from the Wardens of Annúminas reputation vendor.

And for a couple of overall main-room shots, please click on the thumbnails below.

Tomorrow…I’m going to be a slacker.  Friday, a new poll, and Saturday, a new Seen on the Streets!


4 thoughts on “House and Home: Just for the Pretty

  1. I am of the mind that being pretty is excuse enough to post about player houses. Any story that goes with it is just a very nice bonus. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. It is a beautiful house! 🙂

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