Circlets go Round and Round

…okay, the title’s a stretch.

But anyway, I’ve received requests for more close-up catalogs of cosmetic items, and I decided today’s victim would be Circlets.  It’s a non-comprehensive list, sadly — I’m missing the Ceremonial Circlet of Graven Word and the Ceremonial Hat of the Elder Days.  Anything else?  Feel free to let me know or link a screenshot of the above in comments.

Click on thumbnails to see a larger view of each circlet.  Which is your favorite?

In mid-August, the lovely Ivy of The Ivy and I will be doing another series of outfits based on a common theme:  this time, we’ll be creating outfits based on titles both of us have chosen.  I’m looking forward to it!


5 thoughts on “Circlets go Round and Round

  1. If I’m right (and I might not be!) the Circlet of the Seven Stars is a match, or a very close one, to the Dwarf-Make Circlet. A good option if the Dwarf is unavailable 🙂 My favourite is impossible to choose, though!

  2. Yay, circlets! I love circlets and I’m always hoping to see more.

    I’m really looking forward to titles week with you and Ivy! So many evocative titles to choose from, can’t wait to see what you come up with! 😀

  3. Awesome post! I love the compilation of circlets–now I won’t need to swap toons to track all of mine to see what they look like 😀 This post has been favorited!

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