Seen on the Streets: Farmers Faire

New festival, yay!  There are some terrific new cosmetic items in the Farmers Faire, which bloggers more diligent and awesome than li’l ol’ me will totally catalog.  What struck me, when I showed up in Bywater to start scolding and drinking and plying Mayor Whitfoot with condiments, was that everyone seemed to be wearing their festival best.  So have a few screenshots of Landroval players looking great.

Hilrond of The Crimson Order

The character is also a fisherman by trade, so this is just flat-out awesome.


Beacher of The Wayfarers Guild

Talk about a fantastic match between rider and horse! Cheery, bright, whimsical.


Eukwen of Blessed

Eukwen, I so apologize for showing off an eyes-closed screenshot. It’s me, not your striking and unusual outfit.


Weldulf of Khuzd Belkur

Isn’t this a great look? So crisp and regal with the gold and Ered Luin blue.


Lairenuriel of Thirn Uin Evenstar

A stunning and stately Elf-maid.


Tomrica of The Lonely Mountain Band

The Most Festive Hobbit Ever.  I cannot express how much I love this look.

The Most Festive Hobbit Ever on a Horse


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