The Honor Guard

Okay, this is purely fanciful.

I like armour to look fairly realistic and ready for battle.  I don’t usually go for the armour sets in which it looks like your toon would impale her ear if she tilted her head sideways, or like your warrior Elf would have to watch out to not trip over his own boot-spikes.  I like realism.

But then I found a fantastic deal on a stack of rose dye on the Auction House and started fiddling, and…well.  Call this ceremonial armour in the truest sense, perhaps.  Call this the honor guard of a place or person of great importance to the Elves of Celondim, more like a living banner than a warrior about to cross swords with Orc or goblin.

The outfit is a very simple one: the Sellsword’s crafted armour set (which appears under other names as well), as well as the Symbelmynë circlet and cloak. The armour is all dyed rose; the Symbelmynë items are dyed gold for contrast. I’m especially pleased how adding gold dye to the circlet gives it such a different look.

The Honor Guard is well versed in protocol and etiquette. Her manners are gracious.

I usually try to mix-and-match items, and to not show off easy-to-acquire armour sets. But this combination of the crafted and Spring Festival pieces just made me so happy with its elegant Elfiness. Which is totally a word.


She remains in the background, seen, but not intrusive.


3 thoughts on “The Honor Guard

  1. I love that armour; it’s beautiful without sacrificing practicality. At least if you ignore the sharp, pointy shoulders. :p

    It’s easy to find light and medium armour that looks properly Elvish; heavy is a different matter. This armour set’s probably the fairest of them that I’ve seen, and it looks surprisingly good in rose, combined with the circlet and the cloak. I’m amazed you managed to get the colours match that well.

    Thank you for this bit of elven finery. It’s a pleasure to look at the screens. 🙂

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