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The Dreamer

I know it’s Friday, and Friday usually means polls.  But I woke up this morning with an idea for a soft, summery sort of outfit, and I can’t get the idea out of my head.  My actress character Luned gets to be the model, since “dreamer” is pretty much her default mode.

It’s strange to have her in pastels:  she favors black and soft grey and red, both for sentimental reasons and her sense of High Drama.  And then, of course, I discarded “soft” as an outfit concept in favor of “omg pastels,” choosing my beloved Exquisite Long-sleeved Dress.  I was thinking soft and gossamer, but “like an Easter egg exploded” seems to have won the day.

The wacky supporting player here is the Drape of Evendim, of all things.  This nutty cloak seems to go well with the pastel explosion dress.  I was thrilled!  Then again, a typical outfit for me on any particular day might be a lime shirt, orange shoes, and turquoise nail polish.  Pixel-art imitating life.

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Blue Caste Sorcerer

Well, sorta.

If you let Ered Luin’s spider-filled hinterlands fill in for the Brown Lands, and a level 15 substitute for a Blue Caste level 75 NPC, we’re golden!  That said, I’ve been fascinated by the Blue Caste Sorcerers since I first ran across them in the Brown Lands — powerful warriors with arcane might.  I decided to make an outfit in homage to these creepy, cranky NPCs.

My character’s outfit centers around the (Ceremonial) Robe of the Stone-Student, which is one of the many Moria pieces you can currently pick up in the LOTRO store.  I dyed it navy to approximate the Blue Caste’s robe colors.  Important supporting pieces include the Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer (umber), the Plain Cloak (Ered Luin blue), and the navy-dyed Battle-mask of Rhun.

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Seen on the Streets: Fincin the Music-lover

It’s been a day!  And I wearily came online looking for Seen on the Streets candidates, and chanced upon this merry, plainly-dressed, but clearly adorable Hobbit called Fincin dancing in the Prancing Pony’s square.

Fincin is a member of House Whitewolf, and is heavily involved in Landroval’s fantastic music system.  She’s been a member of both the Eriador Music Society and the Green Hills Music Society, and is now starting a new band with her friends!  Keep watching the Landroval forums; I bet you might see something there on the matter!

I love this outfit’s pastoral simplicity.  Fincin wears the Robe of Leisure (available in the LOTRO Store), as well as the newly offered Summerdays Hat in umber.

I call your attention to the band Animal House, found in the background of a few of these shots. Dapper, musical people, all!

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A Wedding Under the Stars

So, one of my characters got married tonight.  Nidhil, my beautiful Gondorian perfumer.   She and her betrothed, Gaelyn, have been together and separated, together and separated, though it’s been due to his wide-ranging adventures, not any trouble between them.  She’s waited patiently while he’s wielded both diplomacy and the sword in Angmar, Mirkwood, Dunland…the list goes on.

And now, the gregarious, business-minded, man of Bree has married his elegant, wealthy Minas Tirith perfumer.  In the fiction of our emotes, lanterns dangled from overarching tree branches over a trellis covered in purple, flowering vines.  The moon hung heavy overhead.  Tablecloths of white and cobalt blue covered long tables laden with food.

And now I get to show off some of my friends.  Score!  Here’s a big shout-out to the Wayfarers’ Guild, along with our guests from Elentiri, the Falcon Trading Company, and the Oathsworn.

The blues don’t match. But I’m okay with that — neither do the characters who got married. They’re variations on a theme, just like their colors, and style.

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As Seen at the Party Tree

So my full-time training still continues, and I’m in transit for like 3 hours a day even though it’s 5 miles away and OMG WHINING.  Let’s put that aside for the moment, and talk about more pleasant things.

The Summer Festival is live!  And of course, Hymne of Cosmetic Lotro is hobbit-on-the-spot with all the latest screenshots.

Me, I thought I’d indulge in another mega Festival Seen on the Streets, this time capturing candid shots of Landroval players at the Party Tree.  This is a brand-new thing for me, to try total candids with no coordination.  I just had fun snapping shots — if you see yourself or a kinmate here, give a shout-out!

Alvirhelm of Allies of the Free People

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I’m in the middle of training for my new job, and holy COW exhausted.  I have plans and plans and plans waiting, but they’ll keep until I’m not faceplanting on the keyboard and ending up with QWERTY embossed on my forehead.

❤  More soon!  Outfits!  Hilarity!  Houses!

Title Week: Eye in the Storm

For the last installment of Title Week, Ivy and I decided to change it up a little by choosing just ONE of the new class titles, unbeknownst to each other.  And for whatever reason, I decided to eschew all the titles earned by my 75s and choose instead one of the titles from my relatively wee Rune-keeper.

Eye in the Storm” is the title earned after completing the level 15 Rune-keeper class quest, and should not be confused with the “Eye OF the Storm” Champion trait.   I thought a lot about how to portray this.  The obvious implication of “IN” the storm is that the Rune-keeper is right there, tossing weather to and fro.  And however you feel about RKs in the game vis-a-vis lore, that is sort of the visual shtick.

And then it got all wrapped up in storms and birds and flight and lightning, and that’s how I ended up with the rather strange combo of the Raven Festival Mask/Cloak of the Raven with the Shoulders of the Stone-student and the Gown of Autumn Nights.  The gown’s the wild card, but I can’t help but think of the motifs at waist and hem and cuffs to be lightning, rather than thorns.  The grey piping on the gown ties it back in with the metallic and grey elements on shoulders, mask, and cloak.

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