The Ranger

People have been doing such awesome armour outfits lately!  Combat looks aren’t my forte; I tend to stick lampshades on heads instead of helms.  That said, I was so inspired I wanted to take on the Tolkien-specific role of Ranger of the North, those Men of the Dúnedain descended from the lost kingdom of Arnor.

My model is dressed in hide armour (the Jacket of the Shade-finder and the Zudrugund Leather Leggings, with only a bit of plate on boots and gauntlets.  The pieces are all dyed umber, black, or grey.  This is a man who keeps to shadowed woods and dark corners, covered at nearly all times by his Fine Grey Company Hood and Cloak of the Grey Company.

…okay, I’ll admit it, I’m not wholly sold on this one. The dyes, muted as they are, make things seem more matching than they are. But I really like the umber, tied together by notes of grey and silver.

That said, everyone has to try their hand at a Ranger of the North! It’s one of the most iconic roles in all of Tolkien.


9 thoughts on “The Ranger

  1. I love it. It looks very practical for someone who will often stay in the road dealing with all types of dangers with enough… hmmm… intricacy I think is the word I am looking for, in the chest part to make them stand out from any regular adventure you might meet in the road.

  2. Laenlis! This one is marvy. You’ve blended all the browns to highlight each other, and yes, this ranger stands out as something extra special.

    I like the ranger hood too, nice touch and adds a bit of contrast. 🙂


  3. Nice. I like the complexity of the chestpiece.
    I dunno if you associate the outfits you make with certain areas of the game, but looks like a good outfit to go slinking around Mirkwood in.

  4. What a wonderful take on this theme! Everyone likes a Dunedain outfit, but I’ve never seen one like this before. I especially like the leggings (one of my favourite skins) combined with the chest piece and boots – the combination of medium and heavy armour really makes him look tough. The fact it isn’t monotone grey or black is very refreshing, too. The brown notes add to the sense of a competent woodsman, yet with armour fancy enough to be unmistakably a Dunedan.

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