Friday Poll: Dye Colors

Just a quick post today — one of my cats is sick and hiding and not eating, so I’m a mess.   Vet later.

As to today’s poll:  I was helping a friend yesterday with a cosmetic dilemma, and she mentioned wistfully how much she wished the game had a true, dark brown, as opposed to the soft and often pale umber and the red-tinged sienna.  And I started thinking about how much I’d love for there to be a soft pink in game, and a warm cream, and a whole bunch of other colors.


It looks like this poll accepts write-in candidates as well — our dye political process is alive and well.  Please go ahead and add to my small list!

Me, I want a dark chocolate brown, almost good enough to eat.  I listed the pastels because I think they’d suit a lot of pieces well, but I’m most happy showing off (and wearing) deep, dark, saturated hues.

What about you?


11 thoughts on “Friday Poll: Dye Colors

    • Aww, I’m with Ivy, sorry to hear about kitty.

      Since I’m not a player I didn’t fill out the poll, but I’ll go ahead and ask from my ignorance… colors for… haha… what? Do you mean wardrobe colors? Or…

      • Ah! In LOTRO, you have the ability to dye most cosmetic clothing, and nothing else. Though I’ll be curious to see if that changes when they bring more customizable horses into the game. But yes, for right now, the only dyes in game are for pixelclothes. 😉

      • OIC, wow! And what is the current set of dye colors? Or how many is it? And yes, ok, I can see how whatever it is there’s that shade that’s missing.

        In SL you sort of have the full RGBx8bit spectrum, or 16.7 million colors. But there’s a funny thing there too… when, for example you get “prim shoes” which sometimes have the base of a foot stuck in them so you can have great looking toes instead of hideous stock avatar toes… you have to color that prim foot to match the rest of your skin… and they give you an RGB color picker… so all the Blues and Greens have just as much of the space as the flesh tones… great if you’re doing alien skin, but few peeps who bother to pay for fancy shoes want non-human appearances, so for matching human skin 80% of the color picker they give you is useless, and you have this tiny strip you’re trying to navigate thru to create a seamless match of solid in-world color to match your skin that was probably made by a photoshop airbrush…

        haha… it’s always something! 😛

  1. Ohhh, I hope kitty’s feeling better soon (cat person here too). 😦

    I checked off all the poll options, ’cause you can never have too many dye colours, but here is my short wish-list: robin’s egg blue; cream/ivory/off-white; soft butter yellow; warm golden-brown; teal; wedgewood blue and wedgewood green.

  2. I’d love to see satin versions of dyes, in all of the available colors. The Anniversary dress had this wonderful shimmer to it, I could see that working on cloaks so well.

  3. I would like some kind of pale blue/sky blue, a light green (so tired of all the dark, mossy ones), salmon pink (or whatever it might be called, a warm pink going towards beige), and why not beige too, or khaki. And yes, chocolate brown might be useful too, and lavender, and…oh, there are so many colors:)

  4. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to pair something with undyeable sky-blue pieces and had to use another undyeable sky blue piece. My only options were turquoise, sea blue, evendim blue, etc. Those don’t usually work for that purpose.

    Sky blue.

  5. I’d like a more metallic gold and silver, as well as a yellow that isn’t so neon.

    I despise all these cosmetics that have doodads stucks all over them and that have so many undyeable areas; thus, I also want some cosmetics with a single layer for dyes. The hems/edges could be designed so that they look a little darker, but nothing too contrasting.

    The other thing I want is dye channels that actually take the dye color properly. Too many of the items take on a dull version of the dye.

  6. Ever since I grew familiar with the dyes, I’ve bemoaned the fact that we don’t have (yet?) access to a deep, rich brown; umber works, a little, with certain cosmetics, but there’s no velvety brown. And that’s a shame.

    Hopefully your cat’s better.

  7. Dark brown for the win…and a yellow that doesn’t have that icky bright overtone. And a purple that’s not PURPLEZ!!! but nor is it deeply understated violet.

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