House and Home: For the Children

Like a lot of people, I was enchanted last spring when Kiarane of Casual Stroll to Mordor authored Decoration Ideas:  Children’s Rooms.  It was an adorable post, and I think this is the second time I’m linking to it, I’m such a fan.

My Landroval friend Amimain is a great decorator (and a kinleader, and an occasional writer about roleplay), and has created two children’s spaces that I find simply adorable.

The first is a bedroom for a little boy in the Bree-land homesteads.  The boy is obsessed with the sea and sailing, pirates and captains, and likes all manner of little-boy pursuits.

For this nautically-minded young boy, a 40-pounds Salmon Trophy on the wall is a must, as well as the ‘Shore Glimpse’ Painting and the Small ‘High Seas’ Rug.

Other fun features include a Blue Gift Box and a Pesky Doormouse.

The second space is that of a Middle-earth “daycare” run by an elegant, high-style woman.  Some of the youngest village children come here for entertainment and rest during the day.  The small house reflects both a feminine aesthetic and the need to care for multiple children at once.

Pink paint, white carpeting, and purple wood plank flooring give this space a distinctly feminine vibe.

One feature shared by both spaces is the inclusion of the adorable Stoor Boots, pictured below.   You obtain these tiny boots by completing the Little Wonders deed in the Gloomglens in Enedwaith.

If you have any questions for Amimain, please leave them in the comments!  And if you have a house or kinhall you’d like to see featured here, please send me a comment via the ‘Say ‘Friend’ and Submit Something’ tab above!


2 thoughts on “House and Home: For the Children

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