Dress It Up: The Herdsman

Here are the basic “Dress It Up” rules:  Dress it up however you like, on either gender, any race, in any fashion, and leave a comment with a link to your outfit, whether it’s on your own blog or in one of the many photo hosting sites.

Today’s “Dress It Up” is an easy-to-acquire skirmish cosmetic, the Herdsman’s Waistcoat and Shirt.  This is an upperbody item only, which gives you lots of flexibility in the rest of the outfit.  The waistcoat and furry neckerchief do not dye, so always remain that combination of red and umber.  Here, I’ve combined it with the Shabby Cap, Padded Leggings of the Dunland Soothsayer, and the Threadbare Boots of the Dunland Healer boot appearance.

I think it’s a great piece to use for a general laborer, a simple Man in simple clothing.  But that’s me.  What would YOU do with it?


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