The Ranger, Part II

Consider this a variation on a theme, with the theme being the outfit I posted as The Ranger the other day.  I kept turning from new ideas back to more grey and umber, and instead of forcing myself toward hobbits and bright, I realized I need to just get all these darn Dúnedain out of my system!

The real impetus for this outfit was my recent acquisition of the Lesser Secret of the West Helmet, which is way cooler and far less smurfy than the other masks currently in game.  I also used some of the iconic Rise of Isengard cosmetic types, represented here by the Chestpiece of the Charging Stag, the Vibrant Brushed Skirmish Boots, and the Dunland Beserker’s Rusted Gauntlets.  The Campaign Backpack seemed appropriate, given how self-sufficient the Dúnedain must be.

Who will reclaim the glory that was Arnor?

I love this hood. It has an intricacy and a close-fitting shape that really pleases me, as opposed to the strangely pointed Makeshift Ranger’s Mask available in the store.

Fornost may not be retaken today.




2 thoughts on “The Ranger, Part II

  1. Cool outfit. I totally dig the OD pieces. The heavy armor and its metallic gold color is difficult to match with a lot of stuff, but the hunter/burg stuff is really versatile.

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