House and Home: The Alchemist

This one was a joint venture between my friend Celeveren and I:  we decorated the house together, though it was Cel’s IKEA-looking pale walls and cool-toned woods that won the day.  It’s completely different than the houses I decorate all by my lonesome, which tend toward dark green and purple.

The house is lived in (in-character) by a smith, his wife who is a scholar and alchemist, and their two children.  The prevailing mood is scholarly and serene.  A few splashes of color dot the space:  bright floral arrangements of iris and amaranth, as well as a bright green bedspread and a few green-hued accessories.  For the most part, everything is white, cream, grey, and a variety of cool woods.

Yes, the Elven Snow-globe is red, but that is because for some reason LOTRO believes red is the only color of housing item Elves like.

The Small Bed in the corner is for the couple’s young son. White Wicker Chairs are placed throughout the space as the family’s favorite seating.

Every space in the house is piled high with books.

The lady of the house has a workshop in the house’s second side room. There, she creates her healing potions and household concoctions, well away from children and kitchen. The room is spare and book-filled.

The Fungal Mushroom is a source of potion materials, of course.

Also!  Next week, August 13-17, the lovely Ivy and I will be showing off five outfits based on in-game titles.  Check back for that!




3 thoughts on “House and Home: The Alchemist

  1. Yay for titles!! Looking forward to it. 🙂

    I love your House and Home posts; this one actually feels cool and serene.

    By the way, how is your cat?


    • Aw, you’re such a sweetie to ask, thank you. She’s doing much better. It turns out that some rogue ninja flea made it past all our defenses and immediately gave her an allergic reaction like WHOA. So she is much more energetic and happy now that she’s on five different sorts of medicines. Twice a day we give her pills; twice a day, she tries to kill us so hard. But she’s doing MUCH better, thank you!

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