Friday Poll: Favorite Festival, Cosmetics-wise

Just like the post title says!  We’ve had a round of great festivals since last year’s Summer Festival, and we’re about to come full circle when the Farmers’ Faire ends.  Putting all issues of quests and horses and snowballs and shrew-smacking and haunted burrows aside, here’s the question:  based solely on cosmetics, which is your favorite festival?

Visual aids follow the “continue reading” link!

Many screenshots to follow!  Not comprehensive, of course, or we’d be here all day!  Just to prod your memory.

Yuletide can bring both joy and melancholy, and reflections on the year just past.

I think Alerac here is about to start making Snow Maiar.

Even after an all-night Spring Festival party in the Hedge Maze, Pearlina shows no signs of slowing down.

While Suleth is already hard at work in the spring’s earliest vegetables.

Happy fifth anniversary, LOTRO!

Hoist a mug to five years of fantastic gaming.

Gisala invites you to purchase some produce during this year’s new Farmers Faire.

Around mid-summer, Gundri gave up all pretense of actually “fishing.”

Dryfa’s flirting is finest when the sun is high and the summer days are warm.

Who lurks in Frogmorton’s dim swamp? It’s Luned, already preparing for this year’s Harvest Festival.

Sunday we’ll have a new Dress It Up, and from Monday-Friday, title-based outfits with Ivy!


8 thoughts on “Friday Poll: Favorite Festival, Cosmetics-wise

  1. I loved, loved, loved the Anniversary outfits this year, but some of my characters refuse to wear them. My hunter says the skirt would get too tangled when she climbs trees and my hobbit is afraid of spilling pie dough and mushroom filling on it. The Yuletide cosmetics are probably my all around favorites. There were lots of pieces that I can use in lots of different situations.

  2. I love, love the Yuletide fest. Not only am I biased because I really like the winter season IRL, and the winter effects in game, but the cosmetics are so endless. You have 94872938 cosmetic options, but you can mix and match the different items with other outfits. Also, I like the Frostbluff area and the story (however cliche it may be.)

  3. The picture you used on the front, at the top… that sums up exactly why Yuletide is my favorite. Oh, how I love those.. *swoons*

  4. For the record, I’m the lone voter for the Harvest Festival (so far). Autumn is my favorite time of year; harvest/Halloween among my favorite holidays. Plus, I am just in love with all the different masks available, impractical as they are.

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