Title Week: Servant of Process

Title Week with the beauteous Ivy continues!  Check out her “Foe of Night” from yesterday, it’s just lovely.

Today’s is my favorite of the whole bunch, simply because it’s such a charmer of a Hobbit title:  Servant of Process.  You achieve this title by serving A Formal Complaint to one Will Tuffin in Dwaling.  Tuffin, a miscreant and Man, means nothing good for the people of the Shire.  Once you’ve completed the small fellowship (but really, soloable) instance associated with the quest, you become a Servant of Process for realsies!

The basis for this outfit is the simple, outfitter-acquired Long Fancy Robe, along with the Hat of Rallying (also found as other names), and the Map-maker’s Travel Pack.  Featured colors are olive, gold, and orange, and this is when I really wish there was a sky-blue in game, so I could highlight the vest beneath the robe.  I love that pop of color.

Now that the Mayor’s eaten his fill, back to business! He gives our intrepid Servant of Process an assignment. Get this writ to Polo Brockhouse!

Is he in the Mathom-house? Nope.

In the Bird and Baby? No one’s seen him.

Getting a few ideas from Owen Fairfield.

Still on the hunt!’

Wait! Is that…?

Polo Brockhouse? You’ve been SERVED.

Tomorrow is one of Ivy’s awesome choices:  The Unwise!  Check back then!


3 thoughts on “Title Week: Servant of Process

  1. Oh my, she looks amazing! I always forget about that robe, it’s perfect for this title. She is running around, just trying to serve her papers. I love it. 🙂


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