Title Week: The Unwise

Ohhh, I had so much fun with this one.

Title Week continues!  Today is one of Ivy‘s choices, the hilarious, cheese-death-inspired The Unwise.  You actually earn the title by eating cheese that drops off random…wights.  Which, when you think about it, really IS unwise.  And gross.  “Hey, this centuries-dead guy had cheese on him!  Nom!”

Since I’m a cosmetics blogger, I decided to bypass the “how do I interpret cheese-death with pixelclothes” issue and and make my model’s lack of wisdom show in clothing instead.  He’s wearing the Radiant Hat, Valar help him, along with the Fancy Shirt and Trousers and the Cloak of the Shining Star.  Dye colors are rose and purple.  His mood is mischievous.  I laughed so much taking screenshots.  Smiiiiirk.

So, a fancy man just got a HAT. And the promise given with the hat, was: “Ladies love a good hat.” See where the “Unwise” bit is going?

There is only one possible musical accompaniment to the screenshot above, and it’s:

Keep the disco walk music going. This is a disco walk.

Hey! It’s a lady! The model makes his play. The Property Guard is unimpressed.

The most extravagant of gestures leaves the Property Guard unmoved.

What about YOU, stone Elf lady?

Tomorrow, Ivy and I head to colder, less purple and flirtatious climes:  it’ll be Wrath of Winter day!  Check back!




8 thoughts on “Title Week: The Unwise

  1. OMG Leanlis you have a real talent for making people laugh, because I laughed really hard when I saw your post. I can imagine how assembling this outfit made you giggle to no end. I absolute love the reference to John Travolta, it’s just perfect!

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