A Wedding Under the Stars

So, one of my characters got married tonight.  Nidhil, my beautiful Gondorian perfumer.   She and her betrothed, Gaelyn, have been together and separated, together and separated, though it’s been due to his wide-ranging adventures, not any trouble between them.  She’s waited patiently while he’s wielded both diplomacy and the sword in Angmar, Mirkwood, Dunland…the list goes on.

And now, the gregarious, business-minded, man of Bree has married his elegant, wealthy Minas Tirith perfumer.  In the fiction of our emotes, lanterns dangled from overarching tree branches over a trellis covered in purple, flowering vines.  The moon hung heavy overhead.  Tablecloths of white and cobalt blue covered long tables laden with food.

And now I get to show off some of my friends.  Score!  Here’s a big shout-out to the Wayfarers’ Guild, along with our guests from Elentiri, the Falcon Trading Company, and the Oathsworn.

The blues don’t match. But I’m okay with that — neither do the characters who got married. They’re variations on a theme, just like their colors, and style.

Credit for this one goes to Nallo’s awesome player Amimain!

Dapper group, huh?

The groom, Gaelyn, with the somewhat clueless Hallem (<3!) looking away. Probably wishing he could climb a tree.

Nidhil, the bride. I like to think that her eyes are mostly closed due to tender emotion, not my timing at all.

Really, it’s an example of cross-cultural costuming. Nidhil, the Minas Tirith bride, wears shiny, bling, Ered Luin blue. Always. The officiator, Nallo, is of Dol Amroth. Big winged circlet. The rest are all Breeish, in their wheat and practical dress.

Laerlin of Elentiri, as elegant as always.  Grygg and Kaylewen of the same kin stand behind her.

Cynewynne of Dale, resplendent and bosomy. Gotta love the Dress Effect.

Thragan the Dark Spectre — no, this is really in keeping with his rather severe Gondorian aesthetic. I love this robe in black.


6 thoughts on “A Wedding Under the Stars

  1. Congratulations to both and may your characters live happily ever after. 🙂

    Loved the outfits of all the guests too. Thanks for sharing the pictures! 🙂

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