As Seen at the Party Tree

So my full-time training still continues, and I’m in transit for like 3 hours a day even though it’s 5 miles away and OMG WHINING.  Let’s put that aside for the moment, and talk about more pleasant things.

The Summer Festival is live!  And of course, Hymne of Cosmetic Lotro is hobbit-on-the-spot with all the latest screenshots.

Me, I thought I’d indulge in another mega Festival Seen on the Streets, this time capturing candid shots of Landroval players at the Party Tree.  This is a brand-new thing for me, to try total candids with no coordination.  I just had fun snapping shots — if you see yourself or a kinmate here, give a shout-out!

Alvirhelm of Allies of the Free People

Romonion of House Mithdraug

Tewdews of Concerning Hobbits


Galadlen of Crimson Phalanx

Nurunor of The Alliance


Fallentra of Redeemed

Avalane of Last Twilight



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