Blue Caste Sorcerer

Well, sorta.

If you let Ered Luin’s spider-filled hinterlands fill in for the Brown Lands, and a level 15 substitute for a Blue Caste level 75 NPC, we’re golden!  That said, I’ve been fascinated by the Blue Caste Sorcerers since I first ran across them in the Brown Lands — powerful warriors with arcane might.  I decided to make an outfit in homage to these creepy, cranky NPCs.

My character’s outfit centers around the (Ceremonial) Robe of the Stone-Student, which is one of the many Moria pieces you can currently pick up in the LOTRO store.  I dyed it navy to approximate the Blue Caste’s robe colors.  Important supporting pieces include the Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer (umber), the Plain Cloak (Ered Luin blue), and the navy-dyed Battle-mask of Rhun.

The Brown Lands are just half the world and about 60 levels away! Goooo!

A bear cub photobombed this one.



4 thoughts on “Blue Caste Sorcerer

  1. Love it.

    And yes, want some pieces that are similar to theirs, a lot of NPC armour in that region is really well-designed.

  2. I’m definitely intrigued by the blue caste sorcerers too. Seems like a very interesting nod to the idea that cults may have grown up in the east around the two Blue Wizards.

    I like the mask and the robe together! The gold trim on both looks great with the blue. 😀

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